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Christmas in Denmark

Danish Christmas Christmas in Denmark is traditional and much more focused on family than is the norm in North America: Traditional Christmas in Denmark

Friend and family gather in homes across Denmark and the main celebration takes place on the evening of December 24. After a fine dinner of Roast Duck, the candles will be lit on the tree to the amazement of the childrens. Songs and gift opening follow.

The traditional Christmas dinner is Roast Duck. Check out our recipe for Danish Roast Duck with Roasted Red Cabbage.

Ragnar Lothbrock

Ragnar LothbrockAs featured on the History Channel Series "Vikings", Ragnar Lothbrock or sometimes (Ragnar Lodbrok) is portrayed as a powerful and violent Viking leader. Although the story may actually involve the exploits of more than one person, the broad outline the story is accurate. Learn more here about this real life "scourge of England and Normandy"

You may also be interested in the story of Ragnar's reputed wife... Lagertha

Hans Christian Andersen

HC AndersenHans Christian Andersen is probably the best known of all Danes. He wrote plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, but he is best remembered for his fairy tales.

Andersen was born to humble beginnings in Odense, Denmark and first rose to public notice in the late 1820's. Two of his stories; "The Little Mermaid" and "The Snow Queen (Frozen)" have been the basis of Walt Disney Animated Movies.


Cities of Denmark

Danish City

The major cities of Denmark are Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense. Another well known business hub is Kolding.

Danish Recipes

Danish Recipes

We're pulling out all the stops with a brand new selection of traditional Danish recipes.

Doing Business

Doimg Business

See our guides to doing business in Denmark and avoid cultural miscues. Danish business has its own rules and standard practices.

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